About Our Family

Welcome to our family's ranch! We are a close-knit family of animal-loving stewards of the land. Our values are vested deeply in raising livestock in a free-range environment that is healthiest for them and the planet.

Six generations ago, our family members arrived in Marin County from the Azores Island of São Jorge with a dream of raising cows in this special part of the world. Gentle rolling hills with moderate coastal temperatures and gushing spring water all year make West Marin the perfect place to raise healthy cows. We are so honored, and grateful, to still be living this dream today.

We stand firm that for food to be healthy, it needs to come from a healthy source. A clean diet for our livestock of coastal grasses and born/raised their entire life on our ranch under our family's watchful and experienced eye.

The food on our table and our customer's tables comes straight from our ranch pastures direct to their kitchens. We are passionate about sustainable agriculture and bringing our community together around good, mindfully produced food. Eliminating the "supply chain" unknowns is the best way to do this.

Our ranch is more than just a place to buy fresh produce. It's a place where families can come together to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature and learn about where their food comes from. We offer farm tours, workshops, and other events throughout the season through our ag education and agritourism gathering space: The Haven at Tomales. Be sure to follow our social pages for upcoming activities. Thank you for supporting our family ranch and healthy food practices. We hope to see you soon!


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