Natural Farming Approach

With natural farming for beef and lamb, we believe we are working in a partnership with the land to produce wholesome nutrients for a local community population.

We want to help our local community to truly return to the way people used to live with ethically raised and harvested beef and lamb is our goal. We want to produce food from the land with a conscious effort to care for the land which, in turn, gives us back nutrients.

Natural farming is a choice our family made. Not only are we protecting the animals from being influenced by unnatural sources, but we are also protecting the land. If we do not care for the land, we do not have a future.

We are proud to offer humanely and sustainably raised beef and lamb in Marin and Sonoma County communities for local pick up. Raised in fresh air and on lush pastures of West Marin grass. 

grassfed beef marin county