About Us

1,000 acres on the California Coast nearly untouched by humans since gold rush settlers in the 1800s laid claim to the land ... Marin Coast Ranch is a family owned and operated private ranch, home to Purebred Angus cattle and a flock of hardy crossbred sheep.

The ranch is about an hour and a half north of San Francisco and about two miles from Tomales Bay, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. Farm management has a focus on regenerative agriculture practices, such as carbon farming.

The health of the Earth drives physical and mental health for all! We try to treat the land with respect in everything we do. Regenerative agriculture practices are at the forefront of management decisions to enrich and enhance soil health, watersheds and ecosystems. Healthy soil is one of the most important substances humans can protect. Pure soil determines the amount of nutrients available to plants. Healthy plants and trees are restorative to our well-being by removing CO2 from the atmosphere and converting back to useful organic matter. ⠀

More than just pretty pastures ... the fields are fighting climate change! Carbon farming is an active practice at Marin Coast Ranch. Specialized farming practices allow us to help the pastures our cows graze in to remove carbon dioxide more rapidly from the atmosphere. The CO2 is converted to plant material and soil organic matter. We love that our livestock and their home can help reduce greenhouse gas in California.

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