USDA Certified Grass Fed & Natural Beef

Grass fed and finished. Dry aged. Our mission is to treat the land with respect and raise food in a wholesome environment. The way it is meant to be.

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grass fed grass finished beef

100% Grass Fed/Finished and Dry Aged Beef

Grazing the rolling hills of Marin County, our pasture raised beef has... 

Grass Fed Lamb

Grass Fed Lamb

Pasture raised and finished lamb! With a diet of only grass, our... 

Responsibility to Our Community

Contact us to learn more about our natural farming practices or to inquire about available beef or lamb products. We stand firmly on the ethical and moral need to approach our farming practices with a whole Earth approach. Everything we do is in keeping with the need to sustain the health of the Earth for our future generations of people, livestock and wildlife.

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