Our Values

“Treat everything on the land with the highest respect - all things are related to the others health.” - Marin Coast Ranch

Simple and real. This is the way we firmly believe food was meant to be produced. Our fast paced world makes it easy to believe a corner cut here and a streamlined approach there makes for a more sustainable food production experience. We disagree.

Sustainable food, or rather food which sustains your health and fosters a healthy environment, starts right where it is produced. It starts with a pure soil and a minimized human touch. We believe our roles as farmers and caretakers of the livestock is solely to protect the natural environment living creatures were meant to live in. In everything we do, we try to approach farming in a way which will create a healthier Earth. This includes regenerative applications such as carbon farming, solar energy and watershed restoration.

Our ranch is adjacent to Tomales Bay and nestled just over the rolling hills from Sonoma County in West Marin. We use a natural farming method to thoughtfully nurture, grow and harvest beef and lamb foods.

Consider this as a beyond organic attitude. We want to go beyond the minimal care taking aspect and into a practice which recognizes the need to care for farming in the natural cycle it is. Our belief is we cannot simply view livestock or the feed as single entities. A farm needs to be viewed from a holistic approach: what is best for the Earth is best for the animals, which ultimately is best for our customers. Wholesome practices creating wholesome food. 

Natural farming is farming beyond organic guidelines and truly capturing a holistic, whole Earth approach. Not only do we want to harvest animals in a pure and unaffected method, we also want to be cognizant of the Earth itself. In a bio-dynamic and unadulterated approach, we only perform farming practices which align with our goals to have this farm be pure and sustainable for many, many generations to come.