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Marin Coast Ranch

Round Primal Cuts

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Naturally lean, round primal cuts are ideal for roasts and cubing for chili or stew.  
Bottom Round: very lean, roast or slow cook
Top Round London: slice it for dishes like fajitas or slow cook for highly tender results
Eye of the Round: lean and flavorful, this is the cut for your traditional roast beef, slow cook or roast
Package size varies. 
Bottom Round: 
  • Large: under 2.5 lb/package
  • King: over 2.5 lb/package

Top Round London Broil:

  • Large: under 3 lb/package
  • Grand: 3-4 lb/package
  • Kind: over 4 lb/package

Eye of the Round:

  • Large: under 2 lb/package
  • King: over 2 lb/package

Pick up is at the Marin Coast Ranch in Tomales at designated time or by appointment. We can also deliver locally! You will be contacted after placing your order to schedule a time.