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Marin Coast Ranch

Family Dinner Favorites - Free Shipping

Family Dinner Favorites - Free Shipping

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Appx. 12 pounds of family favorites! Recipes featuring hearty and savory beef are always sure to bring your loved ones running for the dinner table! 

Each beef box includes*:

  • Chuck roast [2 lbs]
  • Stew meat [2 lbs]
  • Roast [2-3 lbs]
  • Carne Asada [1 lb]
  • Short ribs, English style [1 lb]
  • New York Steak [2 lb]
  • Ground beef [2 lbs]

*we keep a limited amount of inventory on-hand to maintain maximum freshness! If we run out of a cut, we will notify you and replace it with something of equal or greater value. 

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