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Marin Coast Ranch

Lamb Share

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Born and grazed in the lush coastal West Marin pastures! We harvest in early summer when the grass is still tender. Because of the seasonality, if you are interested in a lamb share, we recommend contacting us in late winter or early spring to get on the list! 

Fill your freezer with locally sourced lamb!

Email us at to get on the 2024 waitlist! 

The process:

  1. Purchase your whole or half lamb from Marin Coast Ranch (email us at for a check/cash payment discount). $50 deposit and balance is due at harvest. 
  2. We will schedule harvest with processor on your behalf and notify you of an estimated pick up date.
  3. Pick up your meat! (a whole lamb needs about two cubic feet of freezer space, the inside of a milk crate is a little larger than one cubic foot)