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Marin Coast Ranch

"Odds and Ends" Meat Lover Medley Box

"Odds and Ends" Meat Lover Medley Box

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10+ pounds of odds and ends of the same high quality grass fed and grass finished beef that you love! Cost per pound is less than $15/lb! 

You may get cuts that are a touch smaller than our average (ie 1 lb ribeye instead of 1.25 ribeye) or irregular shapes mixed in with great diversity of cuts that you might not normally find in the grocery store (ie oyster steak, bavette, or filet tail). You also could get some favorites (ie shanks, roasts, or new york strip). 

What you will NOT get:

  • ground beef, bones, lard, picanha, or brisket
  • more than two packages of any kind of cut
  • cuts that are packaged defectively that would hinder the ability to stay fresh in your freezer
  • less than 10 lbs
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