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Marin Coast Ranch

Beef Share - April 2024 Harvest

Beef Share - April 2024 Harvest

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Born and grazed in the lush coastal West Marin pastures! With the spring fed grass at Marin Coast Ranch, we are fortunate to be able to harvest beef all year round. 

Fill your freezer with locally sourced beef! Pricing is your "out the door" price - no additional harvest/cut/wrap fees and the price includes vacuum sealed cuts. Discounts available if paying by cash or check. 

Volume Options:

  • Whole Beef $4100 = approximately 400 pounds needing about 14 cu ft of freezer space, most economical at approximately $10.25 per pound
  • Half Beef $2300 = approximately 200 pounds needing about 7 cu ft of freezer space
  • Quarter Beef $1350 = approximately 100 pounds needing about 4 cu ft of freezer space
  • 1/8th Beef $700 = approximately 50 pounds needing about 2 cu ft of freezer space
  • 1/16th Beef $385 =  approximately 25 pounds of mixed cuts. No guarantees on types of cuts you receive or percentage from each category. It will be random assignment of approximately 20% steaks, 20% roasts, 20% misc. (short ribs, shanks, carne asada, bones, etc.), and 40% ground beef. 

PLEASE NOTE we will do our best to split all the meat equally between shares. However, for some cuts, may only have one or two per beef and these will be randomly distributed between the shares. 

 The process:

  1. Deposit (10%) due now.
  2. When the meat is ready to go at the end of February, we will shoot you an email with an invoice for the balance due and to schedule pick up or shipping!

Enjoy a freezer full of beef raised on a ranch with regenerative land management priorities and gain the benefits of grassfed healthy fats in your diet!

No freezer? No problem! Check out this freezer from Lowe's - an 1/8th beef will fill about half. 

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